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Personal Names Based upon Latin Roots

Note: The Romans often formed feminine names from the "clan" or family name, so that there are many parallel boys' and firls' names -- e.g. Quintus, Quinta, Tertius, Tertia. (However, a boy named Quintus was not necessarily the fifth child.) The early Christians tended to form names from virtues or qualities that they wished to emphasize -- e.g. Patietia (Patience), Caritas (Charity).

A. Names which come from Roman personal (first) names and family (clan) names.


Antony, Anthony; Antonia,

Antoinette Antonius, Antonia

Aurelia Aurelius, Aurelia (aurus=gold)

Cecil; Cecilia, Cecile Caecilius, Caecilia (caecus=blind)

Claude; Claudia Claudius, Claudia (claudus=lame)

Cornelius; Cornelia Cornelius, Cornelia

Emil, Emile; Emily Aemilius, Aemilia

Horace; Horatia Horatius, Horatia

Julian; Juliana, Julianne Julianus, Juliana

Julius, Jules; Julia, Julie Julius, Julia

Lucretia, Lucrece Lucretius, Lucretia

Marcellus, Marcella Marcellus, Marcella (diminutive)

Marcus, Mark; Marcia Marcus, Marcia

Terence; Terry Terentius, Terentia

Vergil Vergilius, Vergilia

B. Names from other Latin works (particularly abstract qualities, gods, flowers, etc.) Alma Alma (cherishing, kind --cf. Alma Mater)

Amabel, Mabel amabilis (lovable) (Am-)

Amanda, Mandy amanda (worthy of love) (AM-)

Amy amata (beloved) (AM-)

April Aprilis (from the month of April)

Augustus, August, Gus; augustus, augusta (majestic, Augusta honored)

Beatrice, Beatrix beata (blessed, happy)

Barbara barbarus, barbare (foreign; a stranger)

Benedict benedictus (blessed) (BENE- DICT-)

Boniface bonifactus (lucky, fortunate) (BON- FACT-)

Bonnie; Bonny bonus, bona (good, attractive) (BON-)

Carmen carmen (a song or poem)

Celia, Cleste, Celestine Caelum (heaven, the sky)

Charity caritas (love; dearness, caring)

Clarence; Clara, Clarice, clarus, clara (bright, famous)


Clement; Clemence, clemens (kind, merciful)


Constantine; Constance, constens (firm); constantia Connie (firmness) (STA-)

Dexter dexter (right, right hand)

Diana, Diane Diana (shining; from the goddess of the hunt & moon

Dolores, Delores dolor (grief, sadness)

Dominic; Dominique (also dominus, domina (lord, lady; Donna) master, mistress)

Faith, Fidelity fidelis (faithful) (FID-)

Felix; Felicia, Felice felix (happy, blessed, fortunate)

Flavia flava (yellow; yellow-haired)

Flora, Florence Flora (goddess of spring; flower) (FLOR-)

Gloria gloria (glory, fame, honor)

Grace gratia (grace, charm; thankfulness)

Hilary hilaris (joyful, laughing)

Honoria, Honora, Nora honora (honorable, respected)

June Junius (the month of June, named after the goddess Juno

Justin; Justine justus, justa (honest)

Laura, Lauretta (Loretta) laurus, laura (laurel; crowned with laurel)

Laurence, Lawrence, Larry Laurentius (crowned with laurel;


Lavina Lavinia (early Roman name)

Leo, Leon, Leonard; Leonie, leo (a lion)


Lionel leo & ellus (a little lion)

Letitia, Laetitia, Letty laetitia (happiness, joy)

Lillian, Lily lilia (a lily)

Lucinda, Cindy lucinda (bringing light) (LUC-)

Lucius, Luke; Lucia lux (light) (LUC- to shine)

Martin, Marty; Martine Martinus, Martina (belonging to Mars; warlike)

Maximilian, Max; Maxine maximus (very large, important)

Magnus magnus (large, great) (MAGN-)

May Maia (the month of May)

Minerva, Minnie Minerva (goddess of wisdom)

Miranda miranda (admirable, wonderful)

Monica, Monique Monica

Natalia, Natalie natus, nata (born--probably Christina, referring to the birth of Christ, like Noel)

Octavins, Octavia octavius, octavia (8th) (OCTAV-)

Olivia, Olive oliva (the olive tree)

Patience patientia (patience, endurance) (PAT-PASS-)

Patricia, Pat; Patrick patricius, patricia (well-born, noble) (PATR-)

Paul; Paula, Paulette paulus, paula (little, small--also a Roman) family name

Priscilla, Prisca prisca (old-fashioned)

Prudence prudentia (caution, moderation,


Regina, Rex regina (queen); rex (king) (REG-to rule)

Renee, Renata renata (born again) (NAT-)

Roma Roma (the city of Rome)

Rose, Rosalie, Rosalind rosa (a rose)

Ruby rubeus, rubea (red, rose-colored)

Rufus rufus (red, red-haired)

Stella, Estella, Estelle stella (a star)

Sylvester; Sylvia silvanus, silvester (belonging to the forest, rural, rustic); silva (forest, woods)

Ursula ursa (bear) & ula (little)

Valentine; Valeria, Valerie probably from VAL (to be strong, to be worth)

Vera, Verity verus, vera (true) (VER-)

Verna verna (a home-born slave; but also may be related to VER- spring)

Victor; Victoria, Vicky, victor (conqueror); victoria Victorine (victory)

Vincent vincens (conquering, winning)

Viola, Violet viola ( a violet)

Virginia, Ginny, Ginger virgo, virgins (young woman, virgin--the state of Virginia was named after Elizabeth I of England, the virgin queen)

Vivian, Vivianne vivus, viva (alive, lively) (VIV-)

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