If you have any questions about this list of mathematical words derived from Greek, please contact Tom Sienkewicz at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois at toms@monm.edu.


ARITHMETIC: L. arithmetica, n., from G. arithmetike, adj. from G. arithmos, (number); see note 2.

BASE: L. basis, from G. basis ( a stepping, that on which one steps).

CENTRE: L. centrum, from G. kentron, (centre), through Fr. centre.

CIRCLE: L. circulus, dim. of circus (a ring).

CUBE: Late L. cubus, from G. kubos (a die used in the game of dice).

CUBIC: see cube and note 2.

CURVE: L. curvus (bending, curved).

CYLINDER: L. cylindrus, from G. kulindros (a roller).

DIAGONAL: L. diagonalis, from G. diagonios, dia (through) + gonia (angle); see note 4.

DIAMETER: L. diametrus, from G. diametros (measuring through).

GEOMETRY: L. borrowed from G. geometria, n. (land-measure), from G. ge (land) + metron (a measure).

GRAPHICAL: L. graphicus, from G. graphikos, adj. (pertaining to writing or drawing) + al; see note 4.

HORIZONTAL: L. borrowed from G. horizon, n. (the bounding circle) + al; see note 4.

HYPOTENUSE: L. borrowed from G. hypoteineusa, pr.p. of hypoteinein (to stretch under).

ISOSCELES: L. borrowed from G. isoskeles, adj., from isos (equal) + scelos (leg). MATHEMATICS: Late L. mathematica, from G. mathematika, neut. pl. of adj. mathematikos, from n. mathema (something learned), from manthanein to learn.

METHOD: Late L. methodus, from G. methodos (pursuit of knowledge), meta (with) + hodos (way).

PARALLEL: L. parallelus, from G. parallelos, para (beside) + allelos (one another).

PROBLEM: L. problema borrowed from G. problema, n. (something thrown or put forward).

PYRAMID: L. borrowed from G. pyramis, -idos, n. The ultimate origin of this word is unknown.

SPHERE: L. sphera, n. from G. sphaira (ball). SYMBOL: L. symbolum, from G. symbolon, n. (mark, token).

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