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The Ancestry LibraryCLAS230 Classical Mythology

(Fall Semester, 2011)

The primary text for this course is Ovid's Metamorphoses, which can be accessed on line in a number of translations. You can use the one you like the best.
Ovid's Metamorphoses, tr. Anthony S. Kline
Garth and Dryden's translation
Brooks Moore's translation
Here are some general websites on Classical Mythology:
Manning, J. F. The Myths of Ancient Greece and Rome:

Precourt, B. Classical Mythology:

Roberts, Helen. Classical

Atsma, Aaron. Theoi Project: Guide to Greek Mythology:

Joe, Jimmy Timeless Myths: Classical Mythology:

Lindemans, Micha F.Encyclopoedia Mythica:

Hyginus. Fabulae:

Apollodorus. The Library:

Many more resources are found at: Course Documents


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