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Classical Mythology in Epic

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You should know the significance of each of the following places and be able to find each place on a map. The words in BOLD CAPITALS are the places you should know. The other words are hints at the significance of the place. A sample quiz can be found here.

Iliad Geography

TROY: site of the Trojan War

PHTHIA: home of Achilles

LOCRIS: home of lesser Ajax

ARGOS: home of Diomedes

SALAMIS: home of greater Ajax

CRETE: home of Idomeneus

LYCIA: home of Glaucos and Sarpedon (Trojan allies)

AULIS: the sacrifice of Iphigenia and the gathering of the Greek fleet

LEMNOS: island where the Greeks abandoned Philoctetes

For a good study map on Homeric geography, see

Odyssey Geography

ITHACA: island home of Odysseus

TROY: site of the Trojan War (Iliad)

SPARTA: home of Menelaus and Helen

PYLOS: home of Nestor

MYCENAE: home of Agamemnon

CORFU (Corcyra): home of the Phaeacians

SICILY: Cyclops

LIBYA: Land of the Locust Eaters?

Aeneid Geography

ROME: Virgil

TROY: home of Aeneas

TENEDOS: island where the Greeks hid on the night Troy fell

THRACE: death of Polydorus

DELOS: oracle of Apollo

CRETE: Pergamum


EPIRUS: Helenus and Andromache

CUMAE: the Sibyl

SICILY: Cyclops and Death of Anchises

CORCYRA (CORFU): home of the Phaeacians

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