CLAS230 Classical Mythology

Fall Semester, 1997-1998

Art Lecture Room

Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz (

V. Individualized Project

Each student will pursue a semester-long project which focuses on some special aspect of the heroic journey. In this project you will incorporate references to and analysis of heroic journeys from around the world, but especially from the ancient Mediterranean. Preparation for this project must include library research, analysis of historical evidence, and original work. The central product of this project can take the form of a research paper, creative writing, artwork, or any other work which deals with material covered in course readings or discussions. All central products must be supplemented by a written statement (c.600 words) which contains the following information: 1.) a summary of the project; 2.) a description of its preparation; 3.) a list of at least five works consulted (i.e., a bibliography) and an explanation of how these works were used in the project; and 4.) an explanation of original aspects of this project. This individualized project will be 20% of your final grade.

NOTE: Course books can be cited in the bibliography but only as complements to at least five additional works.