CLAS230 Classical Mythology
Monmouth College
Monmouth, Illinois 61462
Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz,

Schedule of Topics and Readings

Fall, 1997

Part I. The Journey of Myth

Aug. 27 Course Introductions

Aug. 29 What is a myth?

Odysseus and the Cyclops. Rosenberg, pp. 80-85

Sept. 1 What is a myth? Cont.

Rosenberg, "Introduction"

Sienkewicz, "On Myths and Sisyphean Tasks" (electronic copy)

Sept. 3 Interpretations of Myth

Kirk, chapter 1

Sept. 5 Interpretations of Myth Cont.: Structuralism

Kirk, chapter 2

Sept. 8 Interpretations Cont.: Cyclopes

Kirk, pp. 162-171

Sept. 12 Interpretations Cont.: Dreams

Kirk, chapter 6

Sept. 15 Interpretations Cont.: Multifunctionalism

Sienkewicz, "The Web of Myth" (electronic copy)

Campbell, The Power of Myth (video)

Sept. 17 What is a hero?

"Star Wars" (video)

Hero Packet

Raglan (on reserve)

Part II.Greek Myths about Heroic Journeys

Sept. 19 Homer. Iliad

Rosenberg, pp. 31-61

Sept. 22 Iliad Cont.

Rosenberg, pp. 61-75

Article Review Due.

Sept. 24 Homer. Odyssey

Rosenberg, pp. 75-93

Sept. 26 Odyssey Cont.

Rosenberg, pp. 93-111

Sept. 29 Vergil. Aeneid

Rosenberg, pp. 113-131

Oct. 1 Aeneid Cont.

Rosenberg, 131-146

Oct. 3 Apollonius of Rhodes. Argonautica

Introduction and Books I-II

Review Evaluation Due.

Oct. 6 Argonautica Cont.

Books III-IV

"Jason and the Argonauts" (video)


Oct. 10 Fall Break

Oct. 13 Fall Break

PART III. Heroic Journeys from Around the World

Oct. 15 Egypt. Isis and Osiris

Rosenberg, pp. 162-168

Oct. 17 Greece. Demeter and Persephone

Rosenberg, pp. 15-20

Oct. 20 Hittites. Telepinu

Rosenberg, pp. 168-172

Kirk, pp. 220-226

Oct. 22 The Epic of Gilgamesh

Rosenberg, pp. 172-203

Oct. 24 Gilgamesh Cont.

Kirk, pp. 132-152 and chapter 3

Oct. 27 The Book of Jonah (use your own Bible)

Oct. 29 "The Empire Stikes Back" (video)

Oct. 31 The Norse Hero: Sigurd

Rosenberg, pp. 226-240

Nov. 3 Sigurd Cont.

Rosenberg, pp. 240-252

Nov. 5 A Comparative Interlude

Kirk, chapter 5

Nov. 7 Beowulf

Rosenberg, pp. 267-276

Nov. 10 Beowulf Cont.

Rosenberg, pp. 276-288

Nov. 12 King Arthur

Rosenberg, pp. 288-309

Nov. 14 King Arthur Cont.

Rosenberg, pp. 309-323

Map and Geography Quizzes.

Nov. 17 The Indian Ramayana

Rosenberg, pp. 333-347

Fox Classics Lecture, 7:30 P.M. Highlander Room.

Attendance required.

Nov. 19 Ramayana Cont.

Rosenberg, pp. 347-360

Fox Classics Lecture Statement Due.

Nov. 21 The Japanese Kotan Utannai

Rosenberg, pp. 376-386

Nov. 24 "The Return of the Jedi" (video)



Dec. 1 The West African Sunjata

Rosenberg, pp. 416-435

Dec. 3 Sunjata Cont.

Rosenberg, pp. 435-451

Dec. 5 The Congo Mwindo

Rosenberg, pp. 452-463

Dec. 8 The Crow tale of Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away

Rosenberg, pp. 506-509

Dec. 10 The Inuit Sedna

Rosenberg, pp. 520-525


17 Final Meeting: 6 P.M.