Echo and Narcissus



1.       What does the seer Tiresias predict to the nymph Liriope about the fate of her child Narcissus? In what way is this prediction true?



2.      How does Ovid describe Narcissus at the age of sixteen?


3.      Why and how did Juno punish Echo?


4.      To what things does Ovid compare Echo as she pursues Narcissus?



5.      Describe Echo’s metamorphosis.



6.      What goddess punishes Narcissus and why?



7.      What is the “bodiless dream and shadow” which Narcissus loves? Why is this description appropriate?



8.     How does Ovid’s description of Narcissus as he sees his reflection emphasize his beauty and his passion?



9.      How does Narcissus express the pain he feels for unrequited love? How does he hope to be joined with his lover?



10.  How does Narcissus die? With whom does he converse as he dies?


11.   To what does Ovid compare Narcissus as he dies?


12.  Describe Narcissus’ metamorphosis.