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The Love Shacky Personals:

Below you will find the various personal adds for those looking for a relationship.  Maybe you can find that special someone to pair up with.  The Love Shacky prides itself in pairing hundreds of couples together throughout the years.  To check out some of our successful couples please follow the success link below:

Successful Couples

Tall Olympian Single Male looking for non-smoker

Why hello there ladies.  If you are looking for a good time, I am the man you need.  Some say that I am a “lady hater” perhaps even the original but don’t listen to that tittle-tattle.   I love me some women.  Any of you interested can come on up and visit me at my pad on Mt. Olympus.  Sure I have had my share of the double x chromosome such as Semele and Leto but don’t worry there is plenty of me to go around. If you are up to a little bit of the wild side, I came come in different guises such as a bull, eagle, or even a swan.  What mamma wants, mamma gets.   

“Mature” Single Woman  Looking for someone to humor her

Ok.  Look the only reason I am doing this thing is because my son think that I need to get out of the house more often.  I’ve been stomped on like a doormat from my womanizer of a former husband.  If you think that I am just some bag of tricks looking for a good time, well you have barked up the wrong tree. 


Recently Divorced Man looking for a kind soul

I am a “special” man with a face that only a mother could love but come on do looks really count? I have a tremendous personality! I am great with tools which makes me a decent handy man around the house.  The last concoction I made caught my wife (by the way owns this operation and told me she wouldn’t get the restraining order against me if I did this ad) and my half-brother in bed.  Even though it landed me a trip to divorce court….anyways….I digress.  Basically, ladies you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Give me chance. 

Feisty Little Fella looking for some sweet honey to love

Some say that I am bittersweet but don’t you worry your darling little selves ladies.  I am only planning on showing you the sweet side of this feisty fella.  My mom runs this gig which equals pro gratis treatment for her adored bambino.  Yeah, that’s right honey, I can get you the goods.  Even though I am slightly vertically challenge, it doesn’t make me any less of a man.  Basically, sweet babies, if the doctor prescribes some sexual healing, your prescription is several doses of me. 


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