His parents are unknown but probably royal (2). As a baby he was set adrift in a boat (6 & 7), laden with armor and weapons. He is adopted by (8) the king and queen of the country to which he drifted. We know (9) nothing of his childhood, but as a man he is banished from the kingdom (17?). While he is in exile, the monster Grendel ravages the kingdom, and when he hears of this, he (10) returns. He (11) slays the monster and his mother, and (12) marries the princess Freeware. He and his wife (13) rule for many years (14), and he (15) makes laws about religious and political life. He dies (18) in a fight with a dragon. His body (21) is placed on a ship and sent to sea, and the people (22) build a monument to his memory.

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