King Arthur

His mother, Igraine, is (1) a princess, and his father is (2) the Duke of Cornwall. He is, however, (5) reputed to be the son of Uther Pendragon, who (6) visited (7) Igraine in the Duke's likeness. At birth he is apparently in no danger, yet he is (7) spirited away, and (8) nothing of his childhood, but on reaching manhood he (10) travels to London, (11) wins a magical victory, and (13) is chosen king. After other victories he (12) marries Guinevere, heiress of the Round Table. After this he (14) reigns uneventfully, and (15) prescribes the laws of chivalry, but later there is (16) a successful conspiracy against him, while (17) he is abroad. he meets with (18) a mysterious death, and his children do not (20) succeed him, His body is (21) not buried, but nevertheless he has (22) a holy sepulchre at Glastonbury.

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