His mother Aminot is (1) a royal virgin, and his father a Abdullai is (2) king of Mecca. He is also from the Quarais family (3). He is also reputed to be the son of God (5). At his birth Hablilabi (6) tried to kill him in Mecca. He is wafted away (7) and reared secretly (8). We are told (9) nothing of his childhood. Later he goes (10) to Medina where he marries (12) a princess Kadijat Kuburat, also of the royal Quarais family. He gains a series of victories (11) over his adversaries. His (13) rule as prophet (14) lasts a long time, and he prescribes (15) laws. written in the sacred book of the Quaran (Koran). Later he loses favor with his subjects (16) and is driven (17) from the throne, though he later re-establishes himself. His children (20) do not succeed him. He has (22) holy sepulchres in Mecca and Medina.

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Waiver: The person posting this material is not the author. This description of the life of Mohammad is taken from The Hero: A study in Tradition, Myth and Dreams by Lord Raglan. Anyone disputing one or more of these points will have to take that issue up with Lord Raglan, who died in 1964!

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