His parents (1 and 2) were of the principal family of the Levites and (3) near relatives; he is (5) also reputed to be the son of Pharaoh's daughter. Pharaoh (6) attempts to kill him at birth but (7) he is rafted away , and (8) reared secretly, We are told (9) nothing of his childhood, but on reaching manhood he (11) kills a man, and (10) goes to Midian where (12) he marries the ruler's daughter. Returning (10) to Egypt, he (11) gains a series of magical victories over Pharaoh, and (13) becomes ruler. his rule lasts a long time, and (15) he prescribes laws, but later he (16) loses the favour of Jehovah, is (17) removed from his leadership, and (18) disappears mysteriously from (19) the top of a mountain. His children (20) do not succeed him. His body (21) is not buried, but (22) he has a holy sepulchre near Jerusalem.

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The Finding of Moses by Frederick Goodall (1885)

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