His mother, Rhee Sylvia, is (1) a royal virgin. His human father is (2) King Amulius, his mother's (3) uncle. He is said to be (5) the son of the god Mars who (4) appears to his mother. The king, Amulius, tries (6) to kill Romulus and his twin Remus, but they (7) are saved and reared by (8) foster parents. We hear (9) nothing of their childhood, but on reaching manhood they (10) return to Alba Longa. Romulus (11) overcomes his wicked uncle, and later his brother, and (13) becomes king of his new city Rome. He rules (14) for many years, making (15) laws; but loses favor (16) with his people. The circumstances (18) of his death are unknown. His body is (21) not found but he has (22) a hero shrine. His children (20) do not succeed him.

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