Watu Gunung (a Javanese hero)

His mother, Sinta, appears (1) to be a princess, and his father is (2) a holy man. Since his mother sees his father only in a dream, the circumstances of his conception are (4) unusual. When quite young, he incurs his mother's wrath, and she (6) gives him a wound on the head. He (7) flees into the wood and does not return. We are told (9) nothing of his childhood, except that he is brought up by a holy man in (8) a far country. On reaching manhood he (10) journeys to a kingdom where (11) he kills the King, and (13) becomes king in his stead. After this he (12) marries his own mother and sister, who do not recognize him. For a long time he (14) reigns uneventfully, and has a large family, but eventually his mother recognizes the scar she gave him when a child, and is overcome with grief. The gods having (16) refused his request for another wife, he (17) invades heaven, but the gods, having learned by a strategm the answer to his riddle and the secret of his invulnerability, put him to death (19) here by (18) separating his arms. His sons do not (20) succeed him, and (21) there is no mention of his burial.

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Gugurnya Raja Watugunung
(The Death of King Watugunung)
I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862-1978)

Water color, Balinese ink on paper, 31x22 cm.

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