Tantalus in the Modern World


A General Overview of the Myth:


Some Appearances of Tantalus in Art

“Tantalus’ Torment.” 1730. Bernard Picart (1673-1733). Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. http://www.europicture.de/popup_image.php/pID/547886

“Torment of Tantalus.” (Daumier Register #961) Honore Daumier. French Realist Illustrator, 1808-1879. Noack Collection, Switzerland. http://www.daumier-register.org/detail_popup.php?img=DR0961_1&dr=961&lingua=en

Eric Shanower. Age of Bronze Special. 1999.

Douglas Noble. Strip for Me. Sept. 2000.


Tantalus in Science

Tantalus aethiopicus (African ibis)

Tantalus loculator  (Midwestern wood ibis)

Chlorocebus tantalus (Tantalus monkey)

Tantalum (Ta, 73)

Tantalus Mountain Range


Tantalus in Commerce

tantalus, wine holder

Tantalus (Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon) by Elderton


Tantalus in Gaming

Tantalus Interactive. http://www.tantalus.com.au


Tantalus in Music

Tantalus, British progressive rock group

Arena. “Tantalus.” on Pepper’s Ghost album released in 2005


Tantalus on Television



Tantalus in Literature  and Academics

Schiller, F. C. S.  Tantalus or the Future of Man. 1924. The myth of Tantalus becomes a defense of social eugenics and an argument that permitting the survival of the weak and feeble-minded is a threat to the human race.

Avery, Richard. The Rings of Tantalus. Second book in Expenda bles Series. 1975. Scientific fantasy about a fictional planet named Tantalus.

Brindley, Louise. Tantalus. 1999. Seven House Publishes. A crime mystery novel.

Barton, John. The Tantalus Plays. 2000. Oberon Books.

Moore, Marshall. Tantalus Zero. 2004. Libertine Media. A military thriller.

Shoham, Shlomo Giora. The Myth of Tantalus: A Scaffolding for an Existential and Ontological Theory of Personality. 2005. Sussex Academic Press. A personality theory based upon an alternating conflict with the outside world and an effort to return to earlier developmental phases.

Alan Shapiro Tantalus in Love. 2005. A collection of poems.

Dauphin, V. Barry. Tantalizing Times. 2006.Lang, Peter Publishing, Incorporated. Considers what the myth of Tantalus can teach about modern America as a society based upon personal gratification and tantalization.

Angelin, Simone A.  Love Poems: Life Dance of Tantalus.  2007. Xlibris Corporation. A collection of poems.


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