CLAS230 Classical Mythology
Department of Classics
Monmouth College

Spring Semester 2000
REVISED 4/10/00

Part I: The Universality of Myth
Jan. 18 What is a myth?
Jan. 20 Nature of Myth: Chapter 1 of Harris and Platzner
Jan. 25 Sienkewicz' "On Myths and Sisyphean Tasks"; Countee Cullen's "Yet Do I Marvel"
Jan. 27 Interpreting Myth: Chapter 2 of Harris and Platzner; W. H. Auden's "Musee des Beaux Arts" pg. 952 of H&P. Focus on myth of ICARUS
Feb. 1 Sienkewicz' "The Web of Myth"
Feb. 3 QUIZ on Chapters 1-2

Part II: The Mythic World of Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes
Feb. 8 Creation: Chapter 3 of Harris and Platzner (H&P)
Feb. 10 Great Goddesses: Chapter 4 of H&P; pp. 942-943 of H&P; Eavan Boland's "The Pomegranate" pg. 953 of H&P
Feb. 15 Olympian Family: Chapter 5 of H&P
Feb. 17 Humankind: Chapter 6 of H&P
Feb. 22 QUIZ on Chapters 3-6
Feb. 24 Delphi: Chapter 7 of H&P
Feb. 29 Dionysus: Chapter 8 of H&P
Mar. 2 Hades: Chapter 9 of H&P
Mar. 7 Chapter 9 Cont.
Mid-Semester Evaluation Due.

Mar. 9 QUIZ on Chapters 7-9
Mar. 14-16 Spring Break
Mar. 21 The Hero: Chapter 10 of H&P
Mar. 23 The Hero Cont. Read Seneca's Phaedra
Mar. 28 Troy: Chapter 11 of H&P; Yeats' "Leda and the Swan" pg. 949 of H&P; W. H. Auden's "Shield of Achilles" pp. 950-951 of H&P
Mar. 30 Troy Cont.  
Apr. 4 Troy Cont. Read Seneca's Trojan Women.
Apr. 6 QUIZ on Seneca's Trojan Women

Part III The World of Classical Tragedy

Apr. 11 Quiz on Chapters 10-11
Odysseus: Chapter 12 of H&P;  Tennyson's "Ulysses" pg. 947-948 of H&P; Dante's Inferno pp. 938-940 of H&P 
Apr. 13 Bacchae: Chapter 13 of H&P
Project Prospectus Due

Apr. 18 SCOT'S DAY
Apr. 20 QUIZ on Chapters 12-13; Read Seneca's Thyestes.
Apr. 25 Oresteia: Chapter 15 of H&P
Apr. 27 MAP/GEOGRAPHY QUIZ; Oedipus: Chapter 16 of H&P
May 2 Read Seneca's Oedipus.
Individualized Project Due.
May 4 QUIZ on Chapters 15-16
May 10 Class Meeting for Presentations and Evaluations, 1 P.M.

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