Odyssey 24:1-226
The Second Nekyia

1-15                 Hermes Psychopompos leads the souls of the suitors to the Land of the Dead

16-105             The shades of Achilles and Agamemnon talk about the fates
                                    Achilles wishes Agamemnon could have had a hero’s death at Troy
                                    Agamemnon tells Achilles about the funeral he received after his death at Troy

106-226           The shades of the suitors arrive and the dead Amphimedon tells Agamemnon how they died.

1.     What information is provided about the geography of Homer’s Land of the Dead in lines 1-15?



2.     Describe Achilles’ funeral. What does this funeral tell us about Greek customs regarding the dead?



3.     How is Achilles death contrasted with Agamemnon’s?



4.     How does Amphimedon try present the circumstances of his death in the best possible way for his own reputation?



5.     What is Agamemnon’s reaction to news of the suitors’ deaths?