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CLAS230 Classical Mythology


Part I: An Introduction to Myth

Jan. 21 What is a myth?

Jan. 26 Film: Women in Ancient Greece (with study questions)

Jan. 28 Read "On Myths and Sisyphean Tasks". Discussion: The Penelope Myth.

Feb. 2 Read "The Web of Myth". Discussion: Interpretation of the Penelope Myth.

Feb. 4 A survey of Greek heroines and goddesses.

Part II: Heroines and Goddesses in Homer's Odyssey

Feb. 9 Read Odyssey 1-4. Focus on Penelope, Athena, and Helen.

Feb. 11 Read Odyssey 5-8. Focus on Calypso, Arete, and Nausicaa.

Feb. 16 Read Odyssey 9-12. Focus on Circe, Sirens, and Underworld.

Feb. 18 Read Odyssey 13-16. Focus on Athena and Penelope.

Feb. 23 Read Odyssey 17-24. Summary view of women in the Odyssey.

Part III: Heroines and Goddesses in Greek Tragedy

Feb. 25 Read Agamemnon (in Hadas). Focus on Clytemnestra and Cassandra.

Print Resource Report Due.

Mar. 2 Read Eumenides (in Hadas). Focus on Athena.

Mar. 4 Read Antigone (in Hadas). Focus on Antigone.

Mar. 9 Read Trojan Women (in Hadas). Focus on Athena, Hecuba, Cassandra, etc.

Mar. 11 1st UNIT EXAM

Part IV: Women in Love

Mar. 16 Read Medea (in Hadas). Focus on Medea.

Mar. 18 Read Hippolytus (in Hadas). Also Sappho's Prayer to Aphrodite. Focus on Phaedra and Aphrodite.

Mar. 23 Read Alcestis.

Electronic Resource Report Due.

Mar. 25 Read Metamorphoses I. Focus on Daphne and (Deucalion and) Pyrrha. Also Metamorphoses VIII. Focus on (Philemon and) Baucis.

Mar. 29-April 5 SPRING BREAK

Apr. 6 Read Metamorphoses III. Focus on Diana (and Actaeon), (Narcissus and) Echo, and Tiresias.

Apr. 8 Read Metamorphoses VI. Focus on Arachne, Procne, Philomela, and Niobe.

Apr. 13 Read Metamorphoses IX. Focus on Venus (and Adonis) and Atalanta. Read Lefkowitz, chapter 1. Project Prospectus (optional) Due.

Apr. 15 No Class

Apr. 20 Scot's Day

Apr. 22 Read Lefkowitz, chapter 2-3.

Apr. 27 Read Lefkowitz, chapter 4-5.

Apr. 29 Read Lefkowitz, chapter 6-7. Individualized Project Due.

May 4 OPEN

May 6 2nd UNIT EXAM

May 11 Class Meeting 8-12 Noon Group Presentations and Course Evaluations.

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