CLAS230 Classical Mythology
Department of Classics
Monmouth College

Spring Semester MMX

Part I: Introduction to Myth
Jan 14 Course introductions, Definition of Myth, and overview of World Mythology
James Weldon Johnson's "The Creation" (Bierlein 78-80) American Heritage Dictionary definition / World Myths and Legends in Art

Jan 19 What is a myth?
Sisyphus: Bierlein 194-199
Sienkewicz' "On Myths and Sisyphean Tasks;  Types of Myth  / Some Definitions / Myth and Folktale / Folktale Themes

Jan 21 What is a myth? Cont.
Bierlein, 3-23; Rosenberg xiii-xxi

Jan. 26 Trickster Tales
Native American Trickster Tales / Native American Trickster Tales /
Trickster & Coyote Links / Riddle of the Trickster / Transformations of the Trickster /
Anansi: Beirlein 159-165
More Tricksters: Bierlein 111-115

Jan 28 Ways of Understanding Myth: Ancient
Sienkewicz' "The Web of Myth" / Ways of Interpreting Myths

Feb. 2 Ways of Understanding Myth: Modern
Bierlein, 255-326
/ Some Theories of Myth

Part II The Gods and Creation

Feb. 4 Polytheism and Divine Pantheons. Bierlein, 24-33; Pantheons of Mythology / Greek Pantheon  / The Pantheon  / The Major Gods / Genealogies for Greek Myths / Genealogical Tables for World Myths / Thury and Devinney's List of Gods and Heroes / World Mythology
Quiz on Part I (but not Modern Ways of Understanding Myth)

Feb 9  Greek Mother Goddess
Rosenberg 93-99;  Venus of Willendorf /
Outline of Homeric Hymn to Demeter / Homeric Hymn to Demeter / Eleusinian Mysteries Schedule  / The Eleusinian Mysteries /

Feb. 11 Egypt. Isis, Osiris, Horus: Rosenberg 12-21; Bierlein, 51-52
Prospectus for Individualized Project

Feb 16 Greek creation myths
Rosenberg 80-89 / Structure of Hesiod's Theogony / Hesiod's Theogony /
Useful Study Guide / Ovid's Metamorphoses (Read about creation at beginning of Book I) / Creation in Ovid

Feb 18 and 23 and 25 Near Eastern Creation Myths
Rosenberg 1-11; 22-25; Enuma Elish

Feb 23
MAP/GEOGRAPHY QUIZ (focus on pantheons)

Feb 25 Odysseys and the Cyclops (193-536)
Prospectus for Individualized Project due.
Archaeology lecture at 7:30 P.M. in Morgan Room of Poling Hall (on Odysseus and the Cyclops):

Mar. 2
Book of Genesis 1-4 (Beirlein 73-76)

Mar 4 Hercules
Rosenberg 100-105
Mid-course Evaluation due before you leave for Spring Break

Mar 16 No class. Attend Archaeology lecture on Hercules Wed. the 17th instead (7:30 PM in Morgan Room)

Mar 18
Mayan Creation Stories: Rosenberg 595-608
India: Rosenberg 291-295
China: Rosenberg 324-330
Japanese Deities: Rosenberg 335-338
New Zealand 351-360
Hawaii 360-366
Northern Europe 459-466
Nigeria 509-514
Zaire 515-517
Bolivia 570-573
Inca 574-578
Venezuela 578-594
Navajo: Rosenberg 615-621
Iroquois/Huron 625-624
Tlingit 634-636 (raven)
Inuit 637-643 (Sedna)

Part III Heroes
March 23 Heroes Around the World
The Hero Packet

Mar 25/ Mar 30
Quiz on Part II

Apr 1 Heroes in the Trojan War: Achilles and Aeneas
Achilles: Rosenberg 106-158

Progress report on Individualized Project due

Apr 6 Heroes Around the World:
Aeneas: Rosenberg 255-288

Apr. 8 Heroes Around the World Cont.
Rama: Rosenberg 296-323

April 12
Gilgamesh: Rosenberg 26-57

Part IV: Earliest Times, Floods and Destruction
Apr 14 Greece. Ages of Man and the Flood
Rosenberg 90-102
Hesiod. Works and Days (lines 156-201) Read about Ages of Man
Ovid, Metamorphoses Book I. Read about Ages of Man and the Flood
Archaeology Lecture Tonight: EXTRA CREDIT!

Apr 22
Bible: Flood and Tower of Babel in Genesis 1-11
Celtic Ages of Man
Rosenberg 367-377 

Apr 27 Earliest Times
Bierlein 91-120
Individualized Project due.)

Apr 29 Other Flood Myths
Bierlein 121-135

May 4 QUIZ on Parts III and IV and 2nd MAP/GEOGRAPHY QUIZ (on world myths)

May 10
  Final Meeting for Oral Presentations and Course Evaluation, 8 A.M.

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