CLAS250 Classics Seminar
Department of Classics
Monmouth College

Spring 2005

Schedule of Activities

Week 1 (class on Jan. 19)


Assignment: Classical Programs survey (

Read Preface and Chapter 1 of Cicero

Week 2 (class on Jan. 26)

Reports on Classical Programs

Assignment: American Philological Assn. Statement on Research ( 
Research a Scholarly Resource.

Read Chapter 2 of Cicero

Week 3 (class on Feb. 2)

NOTE: Class will meet in the library so that we can survey the Classics collection.

Reports on Scholarly Resources

Assignment: Publishing a Scholarly Article in Classical Studies
Apply this statement to something you have written.
Research a Classical Publication.

Read Chapter 3 of

Week 4 (class on Feb. 9)

Reports on Classical Publications
Library of Congress Subject Headings:

Assignment: Find a Cicero-related print resource in the Hewes Library and report on it.
Read Chapter 4 of

Week 5 (class on Feb. 16)

Reports on Research Resources

Assignment: Find a Cicero related article on J-Store
Read Chapter 5 of

Week 6 (class on Feb. 23)

Attend Archaeology Lecture on Wednesday, February 23 at 7:30 pm
Discussion of Archaeology Lecture

Assignment: Critique a scholarly interpretation of Euripidesí Trojan Women
Euripides' Trojan Women

Week 7 (class on March 2)

Discussion of the play and reports on Trojan Women critiques.

Assignment: Critique a modern adaptation of an ancient Greek play.

Week 8 (class on March 16)

Attend Cena Classica. Fox Classics Lecture on Tuesday, March 15, and Crimson Masque Performance of Euripidesí Trojan Women

Reports on modern adaptations of ancient Greek plays.

Assignment:The Curriculum Vitae
Critique two CVís on the web, one which you think is good and one which you think is not.

Week 9 (March 23)

Attend Archaeology lecture on Monday, March 21 at 7:30 PM

Reports on Curriculum Vitae

Discussion of Crimson Masque performance and of Archaeology lecture of March 21.

Assignment: Write Your Curriculum Vitae
Read Chapter 6-9 of

Week 10 (March 30)

Hand in your Curriculum Vitae

Assignment: Geography and Cicero. Find a map and photograph of a place associated with Cicero's life: FORUM ROMANUM, Arpinum, Tusculum, Cilicia, Athens, Rhodes, Sicily (Lilybaeum), Thessalonika, Illyricum, Pharsalus, Palatine. Also explain how this place is important in Cicero's life.
Read Chapter 10-12 of

Week 11 (April 6)

Reports on Geography and Cicero.

Assignment: Choose one artifact in the Shields Collection to present to the seminar next week.
Read Chapter 13 of
Attend Archaeology Lecture on Thursday, April 7

Week 12 (April 15)  

Report of Shields Collection Artifacts.

Finish reading Cicero for next week.

Week 13 (April 20)

Discussion of Cicero

For next week, find a review of Cicero  prepare a response to this review. Here are some possibilities.,1413,36%7E28%7E750028,00.html,1249,405024461,00.html

Week 14 (April 27)

Reports on reviews of Cicero.

Assignment: Careers for Classicists. How do you fit in?

Finish your course journal and include summary/overview of the course.

Week 15 (May 4)

Class will meet at Prof. Sienkewicz' home (1103 East Second Avenue).
Discussion of Careers for Classicists and reports on Course Overviews