Individualized Project:
Evaluation Form

Department of Classics, Monmouth College

This is the form which will be used to evaluate your individualized project.

Project Evaluation



The central product of this project can take the form of a research paper, creative writing, artwork, website or any other work which deals with material covered in course readings or discussions.

Length  (if appropriate)

of topic (appropriateness to theme in a college course)

Use of Primary and Secondary Materials

Analysis of material

Originality / Personal Reflection (How have you made this material your own?)

100-150 word Abstract of the product
This abstract describes and summarizes the product so that the audience can obtain a general idea of the paper, artwork, or other product before viewing or reading it.

750-word Project Overview and Self-Evaluation
a.) a summary of how the project was conceived and prepared
b.) the goals of the project;
c.) an explanation of how you used and analyzed sources (originality);
d.) your evaluation of the ways your project meet the project goals (self-assessment)

Annotated Bibliography
quantity of research
A minimum of ten sources are required for a B-range grade.
wenty are required for a project worthy of an A-range grade.
quality of research
Course books and websites evaluated by the class can be cited in the bibliography but only as complements to the minimum number required works.
It is highly recommended that a variety of resources be consulted, including books, journals, and websites. Heavy reliance on a single kind of resource (especially encyclopoedia articles or websites) is not advised.
At least one citation from J-Stor is required for a B grade.

bibliographic format
(For format of bibliographic references, see Writing Guidelines.)
A typical annotation will be at least 100- words (not including bibliographic information and should contain a summary of the source and the way that this source was used in the project.

use of Artstor (if appropriate)
If images are inserted into the body of the project, they need to be numbered with informative captions. Otherwise, images must be provided in an appendix with citations. Be sure to include URLs.

This applies at least to abstract,  project overview and self-evaluation. Where appropriate it also applies to the actual project.
page numbering
                appropriate use of fonts

Writing Style
(Have you proof-read and spell-checked? Have you avoided contractions, second-person, etc.?)

Appearance and Neatness
(Applies especially to artwork, powerpoints, etc.)

General Comments:


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