Elementary Greek

Class Participation / Homework / Quizzes / Exams

I. Participation (10%).

Learning another language is a lot easier in a group, but only if everyone in the group is working together. This kind of course requires daily attention. You cannot study only before tests and quizzes. You must attend class faithfully and be prepared everyday. Attendance at all meetings of the class is required. Absences must be cleared with the instructor in advance. All other absences must be explained by a written excuse from the Office of the Dean of Students or by a written medical excuse from the Student Health Service or another physician. (If you are not sick enough to see a physician, you are not sick enough to skip class.) A student with more than two unexcused absences may receive a written warning from the instructor. A student with more than THREE unexcused absences may drop an one grade point for each absence over three. For example, with four unexcused absences an 83 would become an 82; with five unexcused absences an 83 would become an 82; etc. Active participation by all students in the class is very important. You are expected to ask questions, volunteer answers, and recite when called upon. Class participation will count 10% of the final grade.

II. Homework (20%).

Written homework will be assigned daily. A grace period of one (1) class day beyond due date is permitted on these assignments. Homework will be corrected but not counted after the grace period. You should plan to work on Greek outside of class at least least TWO (2) hours per classday. If you do not finish your homework assignment within that period, STOP, note the time spent on your paper, and hand in the incomplete assignment. It is better to submit a partial assignment than none at all. See Point System for Homework Assignments.

II. Quizzes (30%).

There will be frequent quizzes lasting about fifteen minutes. Each semester there will be at least one map (geography) quiz which the student is required to PASS in order to pass the course. No make-ups for quizzes (except for the map quiz) will be given, but a certain number of low quiz grades will be dropped. Quiz average will be 30% of the final grade.

IV. Exams (40%).

There will be at least THREE (3) unit exams. The dates for the first two exams will be announced in class at least one week in advance. The third exam will be given on the last day of class. These exams will demonstrate the student's understanding of the grammar and assignments. Missing an exam is considered a serious lapse. Students who do not present an acceptable explanation IN ADVANCE of an examination or a valid medical excuse will be permitted to take a make-up, but will suffer a penalty of one letter grade. The average of these exams will be 40% of the final grade.

Please note that while there is no final exam for this course class WILL MEET as scheduled during the final exam period. Various activities, including a course summary and student evaluation, will take place at this time. Attendance at this session is obligatory.

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