for Prof. Tom Sienkewicz
Monmouth College

Both letter and numerical grades will be used for assignments in this course.

The following scale will be used by a computerized grade program to convert letter grades to numbers. The final numerical average will be converted into a final letter grade in the following way:
A++ 100
A+ 95
A 92
A- 88
B+ 85
B 82
B- 78
C+ 75
C 72
C- 68
D+ 65
D 62
D- 58
F 50

92-100 A
88-91.9 A-
85-87.9 B+
82-84.9 B
78-81.9 B-
75-77.9 C+ 
72-74.9 C
68-71.9 C-
65-67.9 D+
62-64.9 D
58-61.9 D-
and under F


Note: This grading scale was revised on January 1, 2007. A different scale was used prior to that date.

See the Monmouth College Catalogue for the method of converting these final letter grades to a 4.0 grading scale.

This material has been published on the web by Prof. Tom Sienkewicz for his students at Monmouth College. If you have any questions, you can contact him at

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