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ISSI402 Classical Mythology and Religion

Group Presentations

Working in groups of three or four, students will choose one of their own individualized projects for a ten-minute presentation to the entire class. In order to do this, each member of the group will prepare a written c.600-word statement evaluating each of the projects and share these statements with other members of the group and with the instructor. The group will decide which project is best suited for presentation and decide how to make this oral presentation. The group will be graded on oral technique, originality, and content. Presentations using the personae of ancient Greeks and Romans will automatically be given a higher grade. All participants are also expected to submit at least a 300-word statement which summarizes their own individual contributions to the planning and the actual presentation. All of these presentations will take place at the final meeting during the examination period, on Tuesday, May 12th 1 P.M. Students will receive a group grade for the presentation and an individual grade based upon the information in the statement. The average of the group and individual grades will be 5% of the final grade.

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