Fasti Worksheet

Book III (March)

1. Why do Roman matrons worship Mars on the first day of March?

2. Why does Ovid invoke Mars at the beginning of this book?   What is the relationship between Mars and the story of Romulus and Remus?

3. Describe the encounter between king Numa and the nymph Egeria. What aspects of Roman religion are suggested by this encounter?

4. What constellation rises on March 8th and what myth does this celebrate?

5. What goddess is honored on the Ides of March (March 15th)? Who is she? What theories does Ovid offer about her origin?

6. What deity is worshiped at the feast of Liberalia? How? Why is the god worshiped in this way?

7. What ceremony for young Roman men takes place at the Liberalia? What would be a modern equivalent?

8. Find an example of piety in this book and explain its significance.

9.  Find an example of worship and explain its significance.

10. Find an example of antiquarianism and explain its significance.

11. Find an example of patriotism and explain its significance.

Overview: What does Fasti III tell you about Roman religious beliefs? How do they compare to your understanding of religion?

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