Homeric Hymn to Hermes

Some Images of the God

Invocation 1-3

Conception of Hermes 4-9

Birth of Hermes 10-19

Invention of the Lyre 20-51

Hermes' Song 52-61

Theft of Apollo's Cattle 62-106

Hermes' Sacrifice 107-141

Hermes' Return 142-153

Hermes' Conversation with Maia 154-183

Apollo learns that his cattle are missing 184-211

Apollo Searches for his Cattle 212-233

Apollo Searches the Cave 234-251

Apollo Confronts Hermes 252-292

Apollo Takes Hermes to Zeus 293-321

Mediation by Zeus 322-396

The Cattle Restored 397-416

Apollo and the Lyre 417-502

Resolution on Olympus 503-578

Concluding Remarks 579-580

Study Questions

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