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Freshman Seminar Schedule of Activities and Assignments

Fall 1998, Section A

Week I / Week II / Week III / Week IV / Week V / Week VI / Week VII / Week VIII / Week IX / Week X / Week XI / Week XI / Week XIII / Week XIV / Week XV

Week I

Aug. 31 Course Introductions

Sept. 1 Convocation: Prof. Craig Watson on the Liberal Arts

Sept. 2 The Chosen and the Convo

Sept. 3 Student Inventory

Sept. 4 Discussion: Weekends at Monmouth College, Part I

Read M.I.T. article

Week II

Watch "Joy Luck Club" video this week. Consult your F.S. Blue Books for time and place

Sept. 7 The Chosen

Diagnostic Essay Due

Sept. 8 Convocation: Mr. Jeff Rankin on the history of Monmouth College

Sept. 9 "Joy Luck Club" and The Chosen

Prime Beef Parade and Class Picnic at the Flagpole 5:00 P.M.

Sept. 11 Discussion: Weekends at Monmouth College, Part II

Week III

Sept. 14 The Chosen and the Bible

Sept. 16 The Chosen Cont.

Sept. 18 Warriors Don't Cry. In class film and discussion

Week IV

Sept. 21 Image of Civil Rights Movement Assignment Begins. Class meets in library.

Sept. 22 Convocation: Salim Muwakkil on the Civil Rights Movement

Sept. 23 Warriors and the Convo

Sept. 25 Warriors

Citation exercise worksheet due.

Week V

Sept. 28 Warriors and the Bible

Sept. 29 Wackerle Career Presentation in Morgan Room

Sept. 30 Presentation of Civil Rights Images

Oct. 2 Kric? Krac!

Week VI

Oct. 5 Kric? Krac!

Oct. 7 Kric? Krac!

Oct. 8 Study Skills Session in HT210

Oct. 9 Kric? Krac!

"Image of Civil Rights" Paper Due

Week VII

Watch Walcott video this week. Consult your F.S. Blue Books for time and place

Oct. 12 The Bounty

Oct. 14 The Bounty and Walcott film discussion

Oct. 15 Convocation: Derek Walcott

Oct. 16 Discussion of Convo


Oct. 19 Lewis video

ADVISING DAY in afternoon

Oct. 21 Class Project: The 10 Commandments of Narnia

Oct. 23 Narnia. Evaluations of Civil Rights papers due.

Week IX

Oct. 26 Fall Break

Oct. 28 Narnia. Civil Rights paper resubmissions due.

Oct. 30 Narnia Skits Practice

Week X

Nov. 2 Performances of Narnia Skits

Nov. 4 Narnia

Nov. 6 The Scientific Method and Hypothesis Game

Week XI

Watch Ant video this week. Consult your F.S. Blue Books for time and place

Nov. 9 Discussion: Spring Semester Class Sign-ups.

Hypothesis Game Worksheet Due.

Nov. 11 In Search of Nature and discussion of ant video

Nov. 13 In Search of Nature

Week XII

Nov. 16 In Search of Nature

Nov. 18 In Search of Nature

Nov. 20 In Search of Nature


Nov. 23 In Search of Nature

Nov. 25 Frankenstein introduction

Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Break

Week XIV

Nov. 30 Frankenstein

Dec. 2 Frankenstein

Dec. 3 Convocation: Dr. Kate Hayles on Frankenstein

Dec. 4 Frankenstein Word Search Exercise

Week XV

Dec. 7 Frankenstein

Dec. 8 Christmas Convocation

Dec. 9 Frankenstein

Frankenstein paper due.

Dec. 11 Frankenstein presentations

Dec. 16 Final Meeting 1 P.M. Group Presentations and Course Evaluations.

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