The following incidents were considered memorable by students in Prof. Sienkewicz' Freshman Seminar at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. August, 1997. If you have comments or suggestions about this material, you may contact Prof. Sienkewicz at

MEMORABLE INCIDENTS in Chaim Potok's The Chosen

One of the most memorable instances in The Chosen was when Reb Saunders explained to Danny through Reuven his reasons for bringing Danny up the way he did.

The "battles" that Danny and his father have over the Talmud are very bizarre.

Reuven getting hit in the face by the ball. Danny's father figuring out he's not going to be a Rabbi.

Reuven getting hit in the eye by Danny Saunders.

When Rev. Sanders invites his son's friend over so he can talk to his son through him.

One of the things I remember in the book is when Reuven becomes such good friends with the people in the hospital.

When Danny's father, Reb Saunders, questions Reuven about gematriya mistakes.

Danny's decision to attend college for the study of psychology instead of religion.

When Danny and Reuven became friends while Reuven was in the hospital after the intense baseball game. It was good that they could put their differences apart.

When Robert Malter was hit in the eye by the baseball that Danny Saunders hit.

The discussions Danny, Reb Saunders, and Reuven have about Jewish law. The questioning and finding mistakes etc. in front of the congregation for the first time was a rather tense moment.

I remember when Danny hit Reuven with the baseball and Reuven couldn't understand why the coach was so worried.

Rev. Saunders exploded upon hearing that people felt Palestine should become a Jewish homeland. The description of this explosion almost scared me as much as it did Reuven.

Reuven and Danny Saunders work out their hatred for each other and become friends.