The following summary statements about Potok's The Chosen were generated by students in Prof. Sienkewicz' Freshman Seminar at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in September, 1997. If you have comments or suggestions about this material, you may contact Prof. Sienkewicz at

The Chosen was a book about the trials, tribulations and hatred between two young men as they grew up in the journey through life. The book also shows how families grow together as well as apart.

The Chosen is a very powerful story about two boys from diverse backgrounds coming together to make a unique friendship that prepares them for their place in the world. Not only do they form a unique friendship with each other, they gain insight into each other's worlds.

The Chosen explained very thoroughly the different types of Jews there are. It was a great story about two different people becoming great friends despite their different cultures.

The Chosen is struggle between man and his environment. The book demonstrated the view of the world and misunderstandings between family, friends and life. These can be seen through symbolism and parallels.

The Chosen is a representation of the Jewish society. It shows how different religions treat their family, and how women are secluded from family decisions.

The Chosen was a fascinating study of Jewish cultures which, though drastically different than ours, transcends diversity and relates the moral that true friendship can survive all adversity.

The Chosen is a novel concerning differences in culture and ideas specifically in Judaism. Generally, it is an insight into everyone's struggles in society and within themselves.