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Some Features of Prof. Sienkewicz' Freshman Seminar (Section A)

Fall, 1998

Computerized Work / Diagnostic Essay / Convocation Statements / Image of Civil Rights Movement Assignment / Narnia Skits / Narnia Paper on Spirituality / Frankenstein paper / Final Group Project / Grade Summary

In this section of the seminar you will be expected to:

1.) Submit ALL written work for this course via the College Computer Network. See guidelines for submitting written and computerized work.

2.) Write a 1000-word diagnostic essay on the Sept. 1st Liberal Arts convocation. In this essay you will not only summarize the convocation but use the topic to reflect upon your own educational experiences, goals, and aspirations under the general title: "Why am I attending a liberal arts college?"

3.) Submit a 600-word statement about the other four required convocations. In these statements you should summarize the speaker's main ideas or points, offer your own opinion and thoughts about the issues raised in the presentation, and support your statements with specific data. You can also "think out loud" about issues raised by the speaker and even ask questions about things you did not understand. You are NOT to write about the presenter's speaking skills. Use of words like "(un)interesting", "dull" and "boring" should be avoided in these personal statements. Be sure that you identify the speaker accurately by name. The average of these convocation statements will count 5% of your final grade.

4.) Complete the Image of the Civil Rights Movement Assignment for which fuller directions are attached. You will give a five-minute oral presentation to the class on a visual image (painting, photograph or artwork) which you think expresses a particular civil rights image. You will also submit a 1200-1500 word, thesis-focused essay on this image. You will also be required to evaluate the paper of another seminar member.

5.) In a group with fellow classmates you will prepare a skit on some aspect of C.S. Lewis' Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. Costumes and props are encouraged for this production for which you will receive both a group and an individual grade.

6.) Write 1000 word, these-focused essay in which you compare your own spiritual beliefs to those developed in C.S. Lewis' Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. In this essay you should make extensive reference to the book to illustrate your points.

7.) Complete the Frankenstein Word Search and Analysis Assignment. This project begins with an electronic word search of a significant word in Shelley's Frankenstein, includes a brief oral report to the seminar, and leads to a written analysis of the way(s) this word is used in the novel.

8.) In a group of three or four students, you will prepare an oral overview of the course for the final class meeting. This presentation will be based upon the following statement:

You have come to the end of your Freshman Seminar journey and are packing your suitcase. What clothing, souvenirs, and other items will you take with you into the next semester? How do you think these objects will be useful during the rest of your stay at Monmouth College? Discuss at least one major idea or image from each of the major books and films in the course. Explain how each has importance for you. Do not forget to include in your packing a few extra items like convocations. Justify your choices and consider whether you can recognize any personal connections or objective coherence or unity among the items you place in your suitcase.

The group will be graded on oral technique, originality, and content. Presentations using costumes and props will automatically be given a higher grade. All participants are also expected to submit at least a 1000-word statement which summarizes their own individual opinions on the them and describes their specific contributions to the planning and the actual presentation. All of these presentations will take place at the final meeting during the examination period, on Tuesday, December 16th, at 1 P.M. Students will receive a group grade for the presentation and an individual grade based upon the information in the statement.


30% of your final grade will be based upon MAJOR papers. These include the diagnostic essay, the civil rights paper, the Narnia paper, and the Frankenstein paper.

25% of your final grade will be based upon other WRITING assignments, including the convocation statements, and the citation and hypothesis assignments.

20% of your final grade will be based upon ORAL communication, including the image, Narnia, and Frankenstein presentations as well as your general participation in class on a regular basis.

25% of your final grade will be based upon the final presentation as well as any quizzes given during the semester.

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