About the Instructor 



Dr. Thomas J. Sienkewicz
Minnie Billings Capron Professor of Classics

Personal Webpage:
E-Mail: toms@monm.edu
Office: Jamieson Greek Room (Wallace 101)
Office Phone: 309-457-2371
Home Phone: 309-734-3543
Cell Phone: 309-696-4128
FAX: 815-346-2565

Spring MMXVII Schedule

first half semester
:     MTWTh 8:00-8:50; TTh 9:30-11:00

second half semester: MTWTh 8:00-8:50

N.B.: This teaching schedule is tentative and will be updated on-line during the first week of class.

OFFICE HOURS:  MW 9:00-11:00; TTh 1-2 or by appointment

I am generally in my office on MTWTh and am eager to meet with students whenever I am not teaching. Please feel free to stop by to chat at your convenience. If you cannot find me in my office, please check the CAMWS office in Wallace 115. If necessary, do not hesitate to call me) or send me an e-mail message.

Please note that I generally go to the gym for a 20-minute swim
sometime between 11:00 AM and noon every day.

This material has been published on the web by Prof. Tom Sienkewicz for his students at Monmouth College. If you have any questions, you can contact him at toms@monm.edu.

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