Forum Romanum #1 Graecia Capta

  1. What is the quaestio hodierna for this program?
  2. What news has just been received in Rome?
  3. When did this news reach Rome? When did the event take place?
  4. What places in Athens suffered significant damage?
  5. What place was not damaged?
  6. What does Favonius say the Romans revere about the Greeks?
  7. In his editorial how does Roscius respond to the statement that Greek culture is a detriment to the Roman character?
  8. What qualification does Favonius give to Roscius’ speech?
  9. What is the weather for most of Italy today?
  10. What is tomorrow’s forecast for Italy?
  11. What is the weather in southern Italy?
  12. What is the weather in Greece?
  13. Why does Serenus think that the Greeks deserve this weather?
  14. Why is Serenus’ name appropriate?
  15. What is the answer to the quaestio hodierna?
  16. What is the dictum hodierna? Who said it? How is it appropriate to the news of the day?

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.