Forum Romanum #2 Hannibal ad Portas

  1. About whom does the quaestio hodierna ask?
  2. What news does Favonius say has just been received in Rome?
  3. How does Favonius describe the mood in the city?
  4. What has happened so far to all the Roman leaders who have fought Hannibal?
  5. Where does Julia Pauliís interview take place?
  6. Whom does she interview and why?
  7. How does this person describe Hannibal?
  8. What was his opinion of Roman military efforts against Hannibal?
  9. Where are Flaminius and Aemilius Paulus now?
  10. What is more important to Fabius than Italy? Why?
  11. What does Fabius think should be done to deal with the present situation?
  12. What does Julia call Fabius? What do you think this cognomen means in English?
  13. What sort of man does Favonius think Hannibal is?
  14. What is the weather in Italy today?
  15. To which gods does Serenus pray and why? What do these gods have to do with the weather?
  16. What is the weather in Carthage today?
  17. Where does Serenus say Hannibal was before he cross the Alps into Italy?
  18. What is the Latin answer for the quaestio hodierna? What does this mean in English?
  19. What are the dicta hodierna? What do they mean in English?
  20. Map work: Find the following places. Alpes, Hispania, Carthago, Mare Nostrum, Phoenice.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.