Forum Romanum Episode #VIII Incendium Romae

1. What is the quaestio hodierna about?

2. What is the news of the day?

3. Where did the fire start?

4. How much of the city has been destroyed?

5. Whom do the Roman people blame?

6. What is the occupation of Favillus?

7.  Why was it difficult to fight the fire?

8. Is Favillus a libertus?

9. What does Favillus think about the rumors about Nero?

10. What is the weather in Italy today?

11.  Why can=t the sun be seen in Rome today?

12.   Why does Serenus mention Apollo?

13.   What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

14.  What was the answer to the quaestio hodierna?

15. What is the dictum hodierum?

16. What does it mean in English?

17. Find the following places on the map: Campania, Etruria.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.