Episode IX:
Noster Tullius


1. What is the quaestio hodierna about?
2. What is the news of the day?
3. Why is Julia Pauli in Formianum?
4. Who were the eyewitnesses to this event?
5. How did Cicero try to escape?
6. Why does Julia interview Terentia?
7. How does Terentia describe Cicero?
8. Name one speech of Cicero mentioned by Terentia.
9. Why does Julia not think Cicero’s eloquence will ever die?
10. How did Terentia say Cicero spent most of his time?
11. Where is Tullia, Cicero’s daughter?
12. How does Favonius commemorate Cicero’s life?
13. What is the weather in Italy today?
14. How does Serenus relate this weather to the death of Cicero?
15. What did Cicero do in Greece and Rhodes?
16. What does Serenus mention about the Roman Forum?
17. What was the answer to the quaestio hodierna?
18. What is the dictum hodierum?
19. What does it mean in English?
20. Map Work. Find the following places on the map: Formianum, Rhodes.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.