#XVI De Artibus Magicis


1.         What is the dictum hodierum? What does it mean in English?

2.         What is the news of the day?

3.         Whom does Julia interview? What is her name and profession?

4.         What members of the imperial family are her friends?

5.         How is Claudius thought to have died?

6.         How did Locusta learn how to make potions?

7.         What is Thessaly famous for?

8.         How has Julia heard about witchcraft?

9.         What incredible things has Locusta heard some witches can do?

10.       Who is Hecate and what does she look like?

11.       Serenus has heard about a slave he calls a “versipellis”? What does he say this slave is able to do?

12.       What is the weather in Rome today?

13.       Why does Serenus ask Apollo where he is today?

14.       What is the weather in Greece?

15.       Where is there thunder and lightning?

16.       What are the names of some of Jason the charioteer’s horses?

17.       What events took place before the races?

18.       What did Nero do at these games?

19.       Why were the nobles angry with Nero?

20.       Map Work Find the following places on the map: Thessaly, Mare Adriaticum, Mare Aegaeum, and Creta.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.