Episode XX:
Odi et Amo

  1. Favonius begins with a preview of today’s program. What does he say is going to happen?

  2. What is the dictum hodierum? What does it mean in English?

  3. What is the news of the day?

  4. Where did Favonius recently hear Catullus recite his poetry?

  5. How does Favonius introduce Lesbia?

  6. Why is Julia Pauli pleased to have Lesbia with her today?

  7. Why is Lesbia excited about being on this show?

  8. How does Lesbia respond to Julia asking when she first met Catullus?

  9. Why was Lesbia not upset that Catullus was staring at her?

  10. What does Julia warn (cave) Lesbia about?

  11. How does Lesbia respond to Julia asking her if she loved Catullus as much as he loved her?

  12. What does Scirtus Agitator talk about instead of the day’s games?

  13. List three places Catullus mentions in his poem.

  14. What message does Catullus send Lesbia in his poem?

  15. What is Scirtus’ opinion of Catullus’ poetry? How does he express this opinion?

  16. What does Aulus Serenus mention about Lesbia?

  17. What is the weather like in Rome today?

  18. What “monimenta magni Caesaris” does Aulus Serenus mention?

  19. What is the weather in Arabia?

  20. Why is Aulus Serenus upset at the end of his weather report?

  21. Map Work. Find the following places on the map: Arabia, Parthia, and Gallicus Rhenus.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.