#21 Spectatores, Plaudite

1.          Favonius begins with a preview of today’s program. What does he say is going to happen?
        What is the dictum hodierum? What does it mean in English?
3.         What is happening today in Rome?
3.         At what location in Rome  is Julia Pauli reporting?
4.         Who is Titus Ambivius Baro?
5.         What does Julia want him to talk about?
6.         What does Baro do first?
7.         How would you describe the way that Baro and Flaccus talk to each other?
8.         Briefly describe the plot of the play which Baro and Flaccus perform.
9.         What role does Flaccus play?
10.       How does Julia react to this performance?
11.       List three plays of Plautus mentioned by Serenus.
12.       What is the weather like in Rome today?
13.       Why is Apollo happy?
14.       Where is it raining?
15.       What does Aulus Serenus mention about the comedian Terence?
16.       What is the weather forecast for Rome tomorrow?
17.       What events does Scirtus say took place in the Campus Martius yesterday?
18.       What play did Scirtus see?
19.       What is Scirtus’ opinion of Roman comedy?
20.       Map Work. Campus Martius, Forum Romanum, Capitolium, Palatinum.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.