Forum Romanum #7
Natalis Urbis

1. About which famous Roman does the quaestio hodierna ask?
2. What is the news of the day?
3. What did the emperor Tiberius do today to celebrate this event?
4. Who is interviewed by Julia Pauli?
5. Why did this person rarely see her father?
6. How did Livy become famous throughout the world?
7. What is one of the stories she mentions from her fatherís histories?
8. Why does Julia call Lucretia miseram?
9. Why does Cincinnatus leave his plow?
10. What is the weather in Rome?
11. What goddess does Serenus say has left her dark home?
12. Where does Serenus say that Aeolus, the king of the winds, lives?
13. Where does the wind called Aquilus come from?
14. What is the name of the wind which comes from Libya and Egypt?
15. What is the Roman name for Eurus, the east wind?
16. Which character in FORUM ROMANUM is named after Zephyrus, the west wind?
17. What was the answer to the quaestio hodierna?
18. What is the dictum hodierum?
19. What does it mean in English?
20. Find the following places on the map: Hispania, Sicilia, Libya.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.