Forum Romanum #XIII
De Arte Coquinaria!

1. What is the dictum hodiernum (in Latin)? 

2. What is the news of the day? 

3. Whom does Julia Pauli interview and what is his occupation? 

4. List in Latin some of the ingredients used in this demonstration. What are these ingredients called in English? 

5. Which vegetables does Apicius consider good both for taste and for the stomach?

6. Whom has Julia heard say the same thing?

7.  What does Apicius say a diet of fish liver is good for? 

8. What are some of the condiments Apicius likes to use? 

9. What does think the brain sausage tastes like? Does she like it? 

10. Why does he describe the wine he gives her as a paradox? 

11. What is the fish recipe which Apicius demonstrates? 

12. What food dish does Serenus like? 

13. What is the weather in Rome? 

14. What is the weather in Germany? 

15. Why does Scirtus Agitator not like the expression "ad gustum"? 

16. In whose honor did Tiberius hold today's chariot games? 

17. Which chariot team won? With how many victories? 

18.Who was the victorious charioteer and what are the names of his horses?  

19. What did Scirtus Agitator do before he became a sports reporter?  

20. Find the following places on the map: Roma, Britannia, Germania, and Hispania.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.