FORUM ROMANUM Episode XIV: Fortuna Muliebris

1.                 What is the dictum hodiernum? What does this mean in English?|
2.                 What is the news of the day?
3.                 Why does Julia Pauli interview Atia on this occasion?
4.                 Name one of Atia’s husbands.|
5.                 How old was Atia when she married for the first time?
6.                 What does Atia remember about her wedding day?
7.                 What does Atia say about the marriage between Julia Julii Caesaris and Pompeius Magnus?
8.                 How did Julia Julii Caesaris die?
9.                 Why did Atia admire Julia Julii Caesaris?
10.             What is Atia’s opinion about the lives of Roman women in general?
11.             What does Atia say when the Ancilla (Servant) speaks?
12.             What is the weather in Rome?
13.             Where is it raining besides in Britain?
14.             Does Serenus think the weather is good for farming?
15.             How good does Scirtus Agitator think that the latest gladiatorial games were?
16.             How many gladiators died?
17.             From what parts of the Roman Empire did these gladiators come?
18.             According to Scirtus what were people shouting at the games?
19.             Whom does Favonius thank at the end of the program?
20.             Map Work. Find the following places on the map: Magna Graecia, Mare Nostrum, Hibernia, and Gallia.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.