FORUM ROMANUM Episode XV: Circum Mare Nostrum

1.                 What is the dictum hodiernum? What does this mean in English?|
2.                 What is the news of the day?
3.                 Where were ambassadors sent to deal with this problem? What god might provide help there?
4.                 What is the name of the person Julia Pauli interviews? What does he do for a living?
5.                 Why does Julia want to take a trip to Egypt?
6.                 What does Julia’s guest like to do on his travels besides sightseeing?
7.                 Where does Julia’s guest plan to travel next and why?
8.                 What are the roads leading to Delphi like?
9.                 What words are written on Apollo’s temple?
10.             What methods of transportation does Julia’s guest use on his travels?
11.             What protections against pirates are there for travelers?
12.             What is the weather in Rome?
13.             What god is causing this weather and how?
14.             What is the weather in Corsica and Sardinia?
15.             Name two places where it is raining.
16.             What does Scirtus Agitator suggest as the cause of the plague in Rome?
17.             Who is the emperor sponsoring today’s games?
18.             Which team has won the chariot races today?
19.             Most of the captives who died in today’s gladiatorial contests came from which country?
20.             Map Work. Find the following places on the map: Delphi, Arcadia, Egyptus, Sardinia, and Corsica.

These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.