FORUM ROMANUM Episode XVII: Carmen et Error 


1.        What is the dictum hodierum? What does it mean in English?

2.        What is the news of the day?

3.         What happened to General Quinctilius Varo?

4.         Where is Julia interviewing Ovid? Why is he there?

5.         How does Ovid describe this place?

6.         How does Ovid spend his time?

7.         What does Ovid know about the offense that he committed? Whom did he offend?

8.         As he says farewell to Julia, what wish does Ovid express?

9.         Where is it cloudy and a little cold today?

10.       What bad omens does Serenus report in southern Italy?

11.       Where is it sunny today?

12.       What is the weather like by Ovid?

13.       What is Scirtusí opinion about Ovidís poetry?

14.       What did Ovid say about the games?

15.       Which emperor sponsored todayís games?

16.       Which team won only three contests?

17.       What other events took place besides chariot races?

18.       How did one of the hunters (venatores) die in the games?

19.       What advice does Scirtus give at the end of his sportscast?

20.       Map Work Find the following places on the map: Tomi, Capuae, and Asia.


These questions for the National Latin Exam Forum Romanum Series were prepared by Tom Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.