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General "Ancient History."
Archaeological Institute of America. "Archaeology."
Artifice, Inc. "The Great Buildings Collection: Architectural Types."
Barkati Foundation. "History of Islam."
Beavers, Anthony F. "Exploring Ancient World Cultures."
Beavers, Anthony F. and Hiten Sonpal. "Argos: limited area search of the ancient and medieval Internet."
Beck, Sanderson. "Ethics of Civilization. Vol. 1. To 30 B.C."
Beck, Sanderson. "Ethics of Civilization. Vol. 2. 30 B.C. To 1453."
Brachter, Dennis. "Historical and Cultural Contest of Scripture."
Brown, Haines. "Images from World History."
Buddha Mind. "Buddhist Architecture."
Buddha Mind. "Buddhas Life Story."
Ciolek, T. Matthew. "Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library."
Ciolek, T. Matthew, and Joe Bransford Wilson, eds. "Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library."
Crystal, Ellie. "Ancient and Lost Civilizations."
CyberSites, Inc. "The Ancient Vine."
Day, J. Charles. "Enter the Mist: Comparative Mythology." "Wonders of the World."
Discovery Communications, Inc.
"Ancient World History."
Dolan, Tom. "Costumes of All Nations: From Earliest Times to the Nineteenth Century."
Donn, Don. "Mr. Donns Ancient History."
Dowling, Mike. "Mr. Dowlings Electronic Passport."
Emuseum of Minnesota State University at Mankato. "Prehsitory Exhibits."
Goetsch, Sallie, and C. W. Marshall. "Didaskalia: Ancient Theater Today."
Halsall, Paul. "Internet History Sourcebooks Project (IHSP)."
Hayden, Julia. "Ancient World Web."
Islamicity. "Islam and Islamic History in Arabia and the Middle East."
Johnson, Troy. "American Indian History and Related Issues."
Joyce, David E.
"History of Mathematics."
Knox, E. L. Skip. "Ancient Europe."
Koeller, David W. "World History Chronology".
Lindemans, M.F. "The Encyclopoedia Mythica."
Madin, Michael. "Academic Info Religion Gateway: A Directory of Internet Resources for the Study of Religion."
McDaniel, Amanda, and Mitchell Hammond. "Antiqua Medicia From Homer to Vesalius."
Ministry of Culture, Republic of Turkey. "Anatolia."
National Geographic Society. "National Geographic."
Oriental Institute Museum. "Virtual MuseumWhats New?"
Oriental Institute Research Archives. "Egypt and the Ancient Near East."
Scaife, Ross. "Diotima. Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World."
Smithsonian Institution. "Smithsonian Magazine."
Special Collections Library at Duke University. "Duke Papyrus Archive."
Stewart, Dave. "Documents in Military History."
Thinkquest Team 16325. "Empires Past."
University of Oregon. "OSSHE Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource."
Witcombe, Chris. "Images of Women in Ancient Art."
Zalta, Edward N., ed. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Bayuk, Andrew. "Guardians Egypt."
Digital Egypt for Universities.
The Egypt Archive.

Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC), Arab Republic of Egypt, "Culture of Egypt."
Kennedy Center African Odyssey Interactive. "Ancient African Empires and States."
McDevitt, April. "Ancient Egypt: The Mythology."
Ministry of Tourism, Egypt. "Tour Egypt."
Oriental Institute Museum. "The Nubia Salvage Project."
Paris Guide. "La gloire dAlexandrie."
Think Quest Team 6182. "Ancient Egypt: Stayin Alive."
Von Essen, John, Dan Damian, and Dwayne Benson. "Ancient Nubia."

Alharamain Islamic Foundation.
"The Last Prophet of God Muhammed."
Islamic Affairs Department of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. "Islam."

The Americas
Berger, Michael.
"The Maya Astronomy Page."
Boline, G. "GB On-Lines Mesoamerica."
Bürglin, Thomas. "A Mesoameria Archaeology WWW Page."
Callahan, Kevin L. "Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations."
Canadian Museum of Civilization. "Mystery of the Maya."
Chance, Norman. "Exploring the Past: An Archaeological Journey."
Foundation for the Advancement of MesoAmerican Studies (FAMSI)
Hutchinson, Kit. "Welcome to the Hutchinson Research Center and the Wonderful World of Anthropology."
Louisiana Dept. of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. "Poverty Point State Historic Site."
National Park Service. "Prehistory of Alaska."
Qvision. "Virtual Palenque: A Virtual Tour of Ancient Maya Ruins."
Southeast Archaeological Center. The National Park Service. "Outline of Prehistory and History in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean Cultural Area."
Thomas, N. L. "North American Indian Historical Sites:Mounds, Pyramids, Related National and State Parks."

East and South Asia
Brown, Stephen A. "Chinese Philosophy Page." "Chinese Culture."
Hong, Joseph. "Welcome to Korean History at U.C. Berkeley."
Hooker, Richard. "Ancient China."
Hooker, Richard. "Ancient Japan."
Hudson, Mark. "Sannai Maruyama: A New View of Prehistoric Japan." Asia-Pacific Magazine 2 (1966): 47-48.
Indian Students Association at University of Missouri Kansas City. "Indias Contribution to World Culture." http://cctr.
Khan, Omar, ed. "The Ancient Indus Valley."
Lal, Vinay. "Ancient India."
Muller, Charles. "Resource for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought."
Pei, Ming L. "China the Beautiful."
Poon, Leon. "History of China."
Roth,Wolff-Michael, ed. "Information Package on China."
Schauwekers Guide to Japan. "Early Japan."

"Brigantia, the Iron Age Celtic Reenactment Society."
Conley, Lawrence V. "The Celts and Saxon Homepage."
Mariboe, Knud. "Encyclopedia of the Celts."
Mìadhachàin, Seàn O, Godfrey Nolan, and John Wash. "Who Were the Celts?"
Monaghan, Nancy. "Cead Míle Failte to Ancient Eire."
Pfrenger, Ken. "Celtic Martial Arts Research Society (CMARS)"
Riley, M. E. "Clothing of the Ancient Celts"
Riley, M.E. "Halstatt and La Téne Period."

Greece and Rome
Andrus-Walck, Kathryn. "Roman Art and Architecture."
Blank, David, et al. "The Philodemus Project."
Bonenkamp, Jan, Mathijs Horsthuis, and Marloes Mentink. "FORUM ROMANUM."
Bowman, Laurel. "Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources."
Bratcher, Dennis. "Historical and Cultural Context of Scripture."
Burdett, Carolyn, Carol Maier, and Alaina White. "Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome."
Crane, Gregory, ed. "The Perseus Digital Library."
Fisher, John. "Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites on the World Wide Web."
Getty Research Institute. "19th-Century Photography of Ancient Greece."
Meadows, David. "The Atrium."
Mitchell-Boyask, Robin "Images of the Trojan War Myth."
ODonnell, James J.. "Cassiodorus."
Online University: Guide to Roman Architecture:
Talbert, Richard, et. al., eds. "Atlas of the Greek and Roman World."
Thinkquest Team 26602. "SPQR Online."
Universal Artists, Inc. "Ancient Greece."
Webber, Christopher. "Welcome to Ancient Thrace and Thracology."
Zeeman, E. Christopher. "Gears from the Ancient Greeks."

Mesopotamia and the Middle East
Association Hatti. "Hatti. Homeland of the Hittites"
Cahill, Nick."Early Mesopotamia."
Collins, Billie Jean. "Hittite Home Page."
Hooker, Richard. "The Hebrews. A Learning Module."
Hopkins, C. D. ""
Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. "The Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project."
Research Archives of the Oriental Institute. "Abzu: guide to resources for the study of the ancient Near East available on the Internet."
Ritmeyer, Leon. "The Temple Mount in Jerusalem."
Sagiv, Tuvia.
"The Temple Mount in Jerusalem."
Siren, Christopher B. "Hittite/Hurrian Mythology."
Foundation for the Advancement of MesoAmerican Studies (FAMSI)

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