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Everyday Life
in Ancient Rome

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From a grave relief, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Spring, 2014

NOTE:  This schedule will remain "in progress" throughout the semester. It will be modified as needed.
Students are advised to consult this schedule periodically for changes, modifications, and additions.

Note: Reading Assignments in "Ramage" refer to The British Museum Concise Introduction to Ancient Rome by Nancy H. Ramage and Andrew Ramage.
Readings in "Johnston" refer to The Private Life of the Romans by Harold Whetstone Johnston
Jan. 14
Major Classical Authors (Roman)
Roman Writing (Powerpoint) /  Powerpoint on Twelve Tables / Law of the Twelve Tables (Latin text) Another version / Another version with notes / On the Twelve Tables Twelve Tables in Ephesus
Roman Inscriptions (Powerpoint)  Dura Europa Shield Map Vases Apollinaires (CIL XI.1 3284 / transcription) Rudge Cup (Map)
Jan. 16 Overview of Roman History and Geography
Read Ramage: Introduction, Chapter 9 (Sources and Evidence, Guilford Puteal) and Chapter 10 (The Legacy of Ancient Rome)
Timelines: Timeline of Roman History (Powerpoint)
Timeline of Roman History
Morey's Outline of Roman History: Early Kings / Etruscan Kings
Jan. 21
Urban Life and The City of Rome
Read: The City of Rome  
Rome: The City (Powerpoint)
Ramage: Chapter 1 (City and Citizenship)
Martial pp. 1-16 plus link: Martial
Jan. 23 Geography of the Roman Empire (Powerpoint)
Maps of the Roman Empire: /
Map of Mediterranean and List of Important Places (for Map/Geography Quiz postponed until on Jan. 30)
Ancient Roman Geography
Johnston (Chapters 13, Town Life) and  (Chapter 17, Water Supply) Baths / Roman Baths / More on Roman Baths / Water Supply in Ancient Rome / Roman Aqueducts
Read Martial pp. 17-70
Jan. 28 Roman Citizenship and Municipal Government
Read Johnston (Chapter 2, Roman Names)
Pompeii Interactive / Pompeii Forum Project / Forum of Pompeii / Plan of Forum
Census figures:
Roman Citizenship / Civitas / Cursus Honorum
How Generous Were the Romans in Granting Citizenship?
Martial cont. (Readings 71-109)
Jan. 30 The Army at Home and Abroad
Read Ramage Chapter 2 (Study Questions) and Johnston (Chapter 10)
Roman Army (Powerpoint)
Military Life / Roman Soldier

Roman Army Bibliography
Feb. 4 Trajan's Column
Trajan's Column / Trajan's Column in Rome / / Inscription / Daily Life on Trajan's Column
Richmond. I. A. "Trajan's Army on Trajan's Column" Papers of the British School at Rome 13 (1935): 1-40
Vindolanda Tablet: Claudia Severa
Map/Geography Quiz today!        
Feb. 6 Industry, Agriculture and Communications
Read Ramage, Chapter 3 (Study Questions)
Roman Roads Case Study:

Roads in Ancient Rome / Roman Roads / Tabula Peutingeriana / Roman Transportation / Roman Agriculture and Food Production / Cato's De Re Agri Cultura / Varro's De Re Rustica  (see especially 1.17) / Bronze Double Action Water Pump
Martial cont. (Readings 113-151)
Feb. 11 Coinage and Commerce
Read Ramage, Chapter 4 (Study Questions) and Johnston (Chapter 11)
Roman Economy / Bread for Rome / Ancient Roman Wine
Ostia: Public and Commercial Buildings (Powerpoint)
Trajan's Market / Plans and Models / Trajan's Market / video
Martial cont. (Readings 155-196)
Feb. 13 Spectacle and Entertainment Cont.
Read Ramage, Chapter 5 (Study Questions) and Johnston (Chapter 9)
Circus and Amphitheatre / Gladiators' Private Lives
Martial's "On Spectacles" (handout)
The rest of this is optional (for further reading!):
Gladiators: The Gladiator Site / Gladiator HomepageGladiator Cast of Characters / Gladiator List of Scenes / The Roman Gladiator / Gladiator 
The Colosseum: Colosseum / Great Buildings: The Colosseum / The / The Flavian Amphitheatre 
The Circus Maximus: Roman Chariot Racing / Rome Guide: The Circus Maximus  /
The Roman Hippodrome / Eggers' on Circus Maximus / The Circus Maximus / Encyclopedia Romana / Rome's Astrodome / Circus and the Circus Maximus / Chariot Races
The Gladiator Site The Colosseum and Circus Maximus
Roman Sport / Obelisks of Rome / Christians and Roman Sports / Female Gladiators / Gladiatrix (Discover) / Prof. Tuck: Death in the Arena (Discover Magazine) / Female Gladiators in the Ancient Roman World
Feb. 18 Visit to Shields Collection                                     UPDATED: Important Terms
Feb. 20 Overview of the Roman Gods: The Pantheon
Religion in Ancient Rome
Roman Pantheon / The Major Gods
Roman Temples

Roman Gods and Temples (Powerpoint) Roman Worship
Mythology / Roman Spirits
Religions, Near and Far
Read Ramage, Chapter 6 (Study Questions) and Johnston (Chapter 15)              
Feb. 25 The Roman Family and House
Read Ramage, Chapter 7, the Household (Study Questions) and Johnston (Chapter 1, the Family) and (Chapter 6, the House and Furniture)
Hypocausts: Heating Homes In Ancient Rome
House of the Faun
Roman Clothing
Roman Society Home Life Family Life
Feb. 27 Roman Women and Children, Roman Marriage and Education
Read Johnston (Chapter 3, Marriage and Women) and (Chapter 4, Children and Education)
Worlds of Roman Women / Women's Daily Life in Ancient Rome / Weddings Marriage, Divorce
Funerary Inscriptions
March 4 Health, Death and the Afterlife
Read Ramage  Chapter 8 (Study Questions) and Johnston (Chapter 14, Funeral Customs)
Roman Medicine (Powerpoint)
March 6 Slavery
Read Johnston (Chapter 5, Slaves and Dependents)
J. Madden: "Slavery in the Roman Empire: Numbers and Origins"
Seneca: An
Overview / Seneca on Slavery (Epistle 47)
Seneca (Powerpoint)
Spartacus: Historical Background / Spartacus Behind the Myth
March 7 Test 
Woman worker in butcher shop, clay relief, Ostia Italy )

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