CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies:
Everyday Life
in Greece and Rome

Department of Classics

Monmouth College

Fall, 2009

NOTE:  This schedule will remain "in progress" throughout the semester. It will be modified as needed.
Students are advised to consult this schedule periodically for changes, modifications, and additions.

Part I Everyday Life in Ancient Greece
Note: Reading Assignments in Adkins in this Part refer to the Handbook to Life in Ancient Greece
Aug. 26 Course Introductions
Course Overview
Artifact Identifications
Aug. 28 An Overview of Greek History and Rulers
Chronology / Heilbrun Timeline of Art History
Adkins 1-26; 39-84
Aug. 31 Geography
Adkins 123-170
Interactive Ancient Mediterranean.
Interactive Ancient Mediterranean:

Joe, Jimmy. Timeless Myths Geographia. Aegean Map:
Mohr, James, et al. The Mapping History Project:
Suzanne, Bernard. Index of Maps of the Ancient Greek World:
Map of Mediterranean (for Map/Geography Quiz on Sept. 14)
Sept. 2  Government and Law
Adkins 26-38
Sept. 4  Trial of Socrates
Sept. 7 Aristophanes (be sure to look at "related websites" at the bottom of the page link)
Structure of a Greek theatre / Greek theatre
Aristophanes' Wasps 3-28
Sept. 9 Architecture and Town Planning: The Athenian Agora
Adkins 203-217

Aristophanes' Wasps 28-57
Prospectus for Individualized Project (due Oct. 21)
**Sept. 11  The City of Athens
Sept. 14 Greek Houses
Townhouses: Adkins 220-236
Acropolis Museum Video
Aristophanes' Wasps 57-83
Map/Geography Quiz (Greek World)
Sept. 16 The Greek Alphabet
Sept. 18 Writing
Adkins 237-254
Sept. 21 Literature
Adkins 255-282

Major Classical Authors (Greek) /

Greek Alphabet Quiz
Sept. 23 and 27
Religion and Mythology in Everyday Life: The Acropolis
Overview of the Greek Pantheon
Greek Pantheon / The Major Gods

Adkins 283-362

**Sept. 25 Film on Coming of Age in Ancient Greece

Sept. 30 Private Life
Adkins 405-426

Aristophanes' Lysistrata 87-108
Oct. 2 Antikythera Machine Film
Philosophy and Science

Adkins 386-403
Oct. 5 Aristophanes' Lysistrata 156-174
Oct. 7 Trade and Military Affairs: Class Debate
Adkins 171-202
Greek Colonies: / /
Natural Resources:

History and Archaeology of the Ship (chapter on merchant ships)
Aristophanes' Lysistrata 108-156

Military Affairs
Trireme Trust / History and Archaeology of the Ship (chapter on trireme)
Adkins 85-122

Oct. 9 Athletics
Olympic Victors:
Adkins 218; 419-420
Oct. 12 Art and Music in Everyday Life
Adkins 363-385
Greek Music / Ancient Greek Music /
Greek Vases  / Pottery Types / Periods
Oct. 14 Unit Test on Ancient Greece
Part II Everyday Life in Ancient Rome
Note: Reading Assignments in Adkins in this Part refer to the Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome
Oct. 16 Roman City (film)
Mid Course Evaluation due via e-mail before you leave for fall break
Oct. 19 Fall Break
Oct. 21 Republic and Empire
Adkins 1-48
Timeline of Roman History
Introduction to Martial. Read pp. 1-16 in book and link.
Census figures:
Prospectus for Individualized Project DUE
Oct. 23 Geography
Adkins 103-128
Martial cont. (Readings 21-67)
Maps of the Roman Empire: /

Map of Mediterranean (for Map/Geography Quiz on Nov. 4)
Oct. 26 Military Affairs: Trajan's Column
Adkins 49-102
Military Life / Roman Soldier
Roman Army Bibliography
Martial cont. (Readings 71-109)
**Oct. 30 Foot Soldier: Film
Nov. 2
Roman Army Cont.

Martial cont. (Readings 113-151)
Nov. 4 Written Evidence
Adkins 201-234
Major Classical Authors (Roman)
Map/Geography Quiz (Roman World)
**Nov. 6 Roman Roads: Path to Empire
Nov. 9 Inscriptions, Names and Numerals
Adkins 234-247
Nov. 11 Travel, Trade and Romanization: Roads and Aqueducts
Adkins 167-200
Martial cont. (Readings 155-196)
Roman Roads Case Study:
Nov. 13 Medicine, Philosophy and Death
Adkins 354-358
Seneca: An Introduction
Nov. 16
Seneca Reports

Overview of the Roman Gods: The Pantheon
Greek Pantheon / The Major Gods
Religion: Roman Temples
Adkins 249-302
Nov. 18 No class. Work on your individualized project
hand in progress report on Friday
Nov. 20 Economy and Industry: Ostia
Adkins 303-334
Town and Countryside: Baths
Adkins 129-166 l
Seneca cont. (Readings TBA)
Nov. 23 Coin Cleaning
Seneca Response Paper Due
Nov. 25 and 27 Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30 Everyday Life: A Roman House
Adkins 335-346
Hypocausts: Heating Homes In Ancient Rome
House of the Faun
Roman Clothing
Roman Society

Seneca cont. (Readings TBA)
Dec. 2 Slavery
J. Madden: "Slavery in the Roman Empire: Numbers and Origins"
Seneca cont. (Readings TBA)
Dec. 4 Gladiators (Film)
Individualized Project due at 1:00 P.M.
Dec. 7 Gladiators and their Private Lives
he Gladiator Site
The Colosseum and Circus Maximus
Adkins 347-353

Dec. 9
Unit Test on Ancient Rome

Dec. 15 Project Presentations, Course Evaluations, etc. 1 P.M.

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