Ramage Chapter 7

1.       Identify each of the following parts of a Roman house: fauces, impluvium, conpluvium, atrium, tblinum, triclinium, peristyle, and cubiculum. Which of these features can be seen in the photograph of the House of the Silver Wedding in fig. 115?

2.       Compare the architecture of a Roman house to that of a typical U.S. house.

3.       Describe Roman lamps and how they were produced.

4.       What is a tintinnabulum and what was it used for?

5.       Identify the Lares, lararium and Penates. How were they important?

6.       Describe the role of women in Roman society

7.       What  was a dextrarum iunctio?

8.       Describe a typical Roman marriage ceremony.

9.       Describe the lives of children in wealthier Roman households.

10.   What do we learn about Roman eating habits from Petroniusí Satyricon?

11.   Why do you think scholars now pay more attention to the kinds of household objects dug up in excavations rather than to the richer collections found in imperial palaces and villas? Give some examples of such household objects.

12.   What is a thermopolion? Compare this form of eating to the meal described in the Satyricon.

13.   How is the Hoxne hoard important for learning about everyday life in ancient Rome?