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Classical languages  have been taught at Monmouth College continuously since its founding in 1853. Until 1937 all candidates for the degree were required to have studied either Latin or Greek. For further information, see a brief history of the Classics Department.

List of Monmouth College Classics Faculty from 1853 through 1981

Monmouth College Classics Faculty

Bernice L. Fox, Professor of Latin, 1947-1981
Harold J. Ralston, Professor of Classics and Psychology, 1947-1970
William L. Urban, Lee L. Morgan Professor of History and International Studies, 1966-2015 (Photo)
Robin Graham, Instructor, 1981-1984
Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Minnie Billings Capron Professor of Classics, 1984--present (Photo)
Albert Watanabe, Visiting Lecturer 1988-1989
Deborah Davis, Visiting Assistant Professor 1992-1993
Leonard Wencis, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1994-1995
Virginia Hellenga, Lecturer, 1994-2010 (Photo)
Anne Browning Nelson, Visiting Assistant Professor, 2000-2001 (Photo)
Vicki Wine, Adjunct Professor, 2002-present. (Photo)
James Betts, Professor of Music, spring 2005
Nicholas Dobson, Assistant Professor, 2007-2014 (Photo)
Nicholas Gresens, Visiting Lecturer, 2007-2008
Benjamin Costello IV, Visiting Lecturer, 2010-2011 (Photo)
Michael Laughy, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Classical Archaeology, 2011-2012 (Photo)
Christine Maisto, Visiting Lecturer, 2011-present (Photo)
Kristian Lorenzo, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Classical Archaeology, 2012-2014
; Visiting Assistant Professor 2015-2016 (Photo)
Robert Holschuh Simmons, Assistant Professor, 2014-present (Photo)
Victor M. Martinez,Visiting Lecturer, 2014-
2015 (Photo)
Kyle Jazwa, Visiting Lecturer, 2016-2017

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