Gamma Omicron Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi at Monmouth College
Celebrates the Roman Feast of Caristia


The Roman festival known as the Caristia took place on the 22nd of February (VIII Kal. Mart). A time for family members to reunite and renew their ties, the Caristia involved a potluck meal.

The Monmouth students gathered on Friday, February 4, 2006, with their advisor, Dr. Tom Sienkewicz, at the college's Boone House for a pizza party and a Roman mystery game. In this game each student took the role of an ancient Roman character (like a Vestal virgin, an emperor, an orator, etc.) and tried to identify the murderer among them through a series of clues. Great fun and hilarity was had by all.

This activity was supported by a Caristia grant from the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin.