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Neil Dahlstrom '98

This is Neil's page, filled with stuff for the person that likes something from just about every subject ever invented. I am a history and classics major with an art minor. When I'm not hitting the books I'm either working as a tennis instructor, listening to my stereo, or who knows what else. My favorite place to be is anywhere in Canada, my favorite book is the Killer Angels, and my favorite band, the almighty Pink Floyd.

My resume / Link to Article about Neil as Archivist for the Space Administration

Here are some of my favorite links to classical sites, as well as to others which are related with a small stretch of the imagination. I hope you enjoy them.

Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii / A Pink Floyd Archive / Greek Stuff / Do You Like Dionysus? / A Visual Look at Pompeii / A Look at New Testament Greek / Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Other Mythology

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